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Review Submitted On: 8/25/2007 12:00:00 AM
Reviewed By:: TheBoss

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Great mapping views (satellite, street, traffic, hybrid), easy navigation, great mobile/cell phone experience, personalized maps

What I Disliked

None - Google Maps is just too cool!

Google Maps Review

Everyone knows that Google has the best search engine technology around. And yes, I am sure you also know that Google has the best mapping service as well. Let’s start with the satellite view feature. I have to say, I am not a big mapping fan but just being able to see your street or office building on a map and showing you friends is extremely cool. If for nothing else but to show your friends or family across the country or the world where you live or eat or walk, the satellite view is awesome. Personalized maps is also really cool. You can mark destinations of your favorites places and addresses for sharing with friends and family. You can mark your favorite restaurants, favorite places to walk your dog, and any other wild or crazy idea! Traffic view is a standard feature and also nice to use. Now for one of the coolest features ever, the street view. Now if you have not heard, Google was getting sued by some people for privacy reasons because of this feature but let me tell, it is great to watch anyway. Street view allows you to see, from a camera posted on designated Google cars, the view of the street the car is driving on. Google placed cameras on cars (with the permission of course) and takes pictures of the street while driving. This allows you to see buildings and even peoples faces as they walk down the street. It’s really nice for people who want to see certain streets in cities that they are familiar with or have never seen and want to see. And the experience is just as good on your mobile device. Navigation (always an issue with most mobile sites/services) is a breeze with Google Maps and you can pretty much do most of the things you can if you were on your PC. In conclusion, Google Maps is the undisputed champion of maps (for now ). No one touches them.


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