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Review Submitted On: 10/30/2008 12:00:00 AM
Reviewed By:: cheekyrick

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Clean, Easy to Use, Professional Looking, Best of Facebook & Myspace, Widgets such as ePetitions, Social Status, Evites

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Lack of External Applications

FriendSite Review

FriendSite.com is another in a long list of Social Networking Sites, it sets itself apart though my emulating the best of the 2 major players Facebook & MySpace. FriendSite.com offers the power of Facebook with feeds, groups, friends together with the clean interface... and couples the power of Myspace with your own URL, photo albums and music. FriendSite.com also offers widgets in the form of ePetitions, evites, Meet Me as well as one of the most fun (and the reason why I'm on the site) is the Social Status Widget. This widget allows you to earn Virtual Cash for being a member and doing the things you normally do on a social networking site and then swap Virtual Cash for Virtual Property - so you can build an empire as well as buy Virtual Objects that represent your real-world possessions. It's also a great way to send gifts as these are all taken from your Virtual Cash balance (which has nothing to do with real-world cash - think Second Life, WoW, etc). Overall the site combines numerous features from other social networking sites and although only been active for a year or two has currently over 180,000 members. It's a great site for those that are fed up with facebook at the lack of a public URL and for those that are miffed at Myspace for its 'designed by a 13 year old user interface'. All in all 9/10


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