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Review Submitted On: 7/29/2008 11:51:52 AM
Reviewed By:: danci

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Wide range of movie genres, affordable, reliable, convenient.

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turnaround time, involves some planning.

Netflix Review

I subscribed to netflix about 5 months ago and I am still here. What drew me to sign up was their free month. I figured I'd try it and see. I simply loved that ther are so many genres available that are not at Blockbuster. You can find your independent films, documentaries, foreign films, TV shows, music shows, concerts, and many others. Additionally, there are so many ways to search for a movie. To name just a few: by name, by actor/actress, by theme, by year/era, by most favorite in your area....I LOVE IT! Some shows/films are available online for free. You can also share your movie tastes with your friends. By having access to their Q, you check out what they have seen and how they've rated certain movies. We all have some friends we generally seem to agree when it comes to movies :-). The service is also cheaper than Blockbuster. My plan is 3 at a time and I generally go through 6 discs a week. At Blockbuster, that would come out to aprox. $48 and I pay $14- can't beat it! I admit that using this service involves some planning, but most people bring their envelopes to work each morning making it a breeze.


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